Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Say Cheese

Actually, I told the photographer specifically NOT to say CHEESE. It is a word that Jack knows. We would have had to cancel the session for sure. Aren't they cute, though? Dog-Lovers....you need a professional photo of your dog(s). Trust me. Call and book an appointment today.

Jack has had a good week. He has had several trips to the dog park. He went to Pets on Parade where he was FEATURED in the local newspaper and he got a snazzy new bandana (and coupons) from the Iams people. He is still hoping to become their poster beagle...but he probably still needs to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, his new-found fame went to his head. He managed to steal a pack of hot dogs from the counter last night (Angry-T needs to be more careful). On another positive note...Just Jack was featured on Kevin MD's anniversary edition of notable medical blog entries AKA GRAND ROUNDS. I told him all about it and he is honored and humbled.

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