Monday, July 23, 2007

He ain't heavy..He's my brother

Check out our fancy new tow rope....errr...leash. Milo is quite the trooper, towing poor, exhausted Jack up hills. So far, Jack has been exercising regularly despite the midwest heat wave. Today we may give him a day off because it is REALLY humid. You'll never guess what Jack did on Sunday at the dog park. HE RAN. He wanted to catch up with us after taking a little break and he RAN to us. He is the new dog park hero.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I went home for lunch today to find this. The english muffin container contained only crumbs and he really just ripped open one of the jolly time microwave packs. But he does look disgusted with himself just the same. So how about it Bays & Jolly Time... Would you like to sponsor this site? Or perhaps underwrite Jack's expenses if we send him to doggie fat camp?

Misery Loves Company

So you may think it's a little crazy to have a website dedicated to an overweight beagle. Apparently I am in good company.

Battle of Beagle Bulge cool photo

Beagle Fat Camp (what's next...The biggest loser on Animal Planet?)

Pooch Portliness-Drugs for chubby dogs..Is that covered on my plan?

Fat Dog in Court-custody battle looms. Maybe they should spend the money on a personal

The best part was that Just Jack appeared on the google results list. Way to go buddy, you are famous! Jack did his 2 mile walk with ease last night. Chili Pepper laughed at me as I was trying to get them out the door. Ceasar the dog whisperer would not approve. I don't know how he can walk so many dogs and not have a tangled mess of leashes and chaos. I took 2 of the dogs last night and a third one wiggled out the door after us. Are there any professional dog walkers out there? I need help. I'd like to be able to take all 3. HEEELP!

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Weigh-In

Good News...Jack is down from 50 pounds to a thinner 48.8 pounds. Woo-Hoo Jack.
Bad News...Jack has a double ear infection. Who knew? Actually girl-with-phone thought he was sick. Girl-with-Phone is observant...note to self...listen to GWP...she knows what she is talking about. So--as I look at the photo above I wonder. Could I buy a bathroom scale that would fit a 50 pound beagle? And more importantly, if the scooter gang makes a trip to our favorite houseware store can I fit it in my scooter trunk? Chili Pepper (who always has a solution) says we should weigh ourselves (God forbid) and then PICK JACK UP and weigh ourselves again and do the math. Surely she jokes. Hopefully Jack will get a walk in tonight when the big cool off begins.

Current project: Finish painting trim in GWPs room, get carpet installed & hide the markers and fingernail polish.

Junk Shopping update: Went junking with Flamingo Farmacist and found some cool stuff. FF is thinking about buying a TIKI bar for her driveway. I found some original art by P Buckey Moss in a dumpy flea market. 3 prints for $27.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everything I ever needed to know I learned from my daughter's walls

Girl-with-phone is on her way to having a really nice room. As we painted over her teenage angst, I thought about how she is growing up and where I might hide her sharpie markers in case she regresses, only to wax poetic on her walls again. This issue of Just Jack is dedicated to girl-with-phone, who like Jack, is a middle child coming of age.

Lesson one: Know who you are.

Lesson Two: Love Stinks

Lesson Three: Take Time to Read the Classics

Lesson Four: Express your Spirituality

Lesson Five: Sometimes things just don't make sense

You are quite an individual, girl-with-phone. Don't ever change.....except for that habit of writing on your walls.

Love, MOM

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Looks Like You Made It

Jack made the trip (uphill) to my office today. That means he is up to a 2 mile round trip. That's real progress. Does he look any thinner? anyone? anyone?

Current dog treat: Zen : They must be good because they practically kill me to get at them. I think they are high in calories so I chop them into 4 pieces. There have been complaints about this.

Current project: Clearing college-boy's junk out of his room so girl-with-phone can move in during the priming/painting extravaganza.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Feel the Burn

Here is Jack on lap 2 of the dog park. Our goal is usually 3 laps...but we gave him a break due to the heat. He does well with both humans and canines at the park although I sense a little bitterness when the young, fit dogs run past him. Support your local dog park. Even if you don't have a dog.....You will meet some interesting people there!

Currently reading: Northern Lights

Current Project: Painting over the graffiti in teenage daughter's room. Daughter is transitioning from grunge room to a vintage room with lots of seating. (thank goodness) Junk shopping anyone???? Send ideas...Color will be "ginger" with a deep red accent wall. So far she has collected a daybed (thanks chili pepper's mom). Tom and I spent 3 hours at an auction yesterday but lost out on the vanity/dresser we were bidding on. sigh. The goal is to have some progress by 7.10. when she has her long anticipated knee surgery.