Friday, September 28, 2007

Beagle Intelligence...An oxymoron?

There are several interesting publications that look at the relative intelligence of various canine breeds and I have yet to see one where the beagle ranks high. One of the most famous experiments is one where a towel is placed over the dog's head and the human uses a stopwatch to see how long it takes for the dog to remove the towel. Apparently, Poodles and Border Collies are able to take off the towel in under 3 seconds. Beagles on the other hand tend to sit there motionless for a long time. I asked Jack about this and he argues that any dummy can take a towel off his head. He, on the other hand, takes the time to enjoy the unexpected shade and take in the smell of my new dryer sheets.

Now, I do have to admit that I have questioned Jack's intelligence on occasion. It is a little known family secret that when I would take Milo to the groomer....(see before photo)

...and bring him home later...(see after photo)

Jack thought I brought home a new dog. Beaglemoron??? You be the judge.

Happy Birthday (Saturday) to Girl with Phone and Angry T. (Yes, they were born on the same day 5 years apart)

Enjoy some pictures from the dog park:

Here is Oakley and LOG (his best friend)

Jack: "Yes, I believe we HAVE met......"

Jack after the dogpark: Zzzzzzzzzz

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