Tuesday, September 11, 2007

King of the Dog Park

Yes, it's true. Jack did FIVE laps at the dog park. No cheating---No shortcuts. There were times he actually PASSED us on the trail. Maybe Sadie provided some divine intervention. First he did a few laps with his neighbor Oakley who made his first trip to the dogpark. Then, he did a few more with his pug cousins. Girl with Phone had my camera, but I swear I will take pictures next time. Jack has been coughing and I may need to take him to the vet. I was cleaning the kitchen and I think he found an old dog treat under the stove and managed to inhale some dog hair along with it. Can dogs get hairballs? He has been coughing ever since. Or he has the same cold that GWP and Tom have. I am busting Angry T out of school tomorrow. He was asked to come to Iowa City and teach medical students (not a bad gig for a 12 year old). And then we stay for his urology appointment on Friday. The other big news is that Gadget Boy turned 21! I tried to buy him his first legal adult beverage....but his buddies took him out on Friday night at midnight and I believe he overindulged. He gets that from his father. I will try to post from the Ronald McDonald House and let you know how Angry T did. Peace.


flamingo farmacist said...

Yay Jack!! 5 laps is awesome!!

how did Angry T do? i would pay to see his presentation!! pretty amazing young man!

i'm going to live...the Virus i had is finally out of the system and i feel Good!! nanananananana!! so good...**

hey faith and lurker...where are you these days??

i get my new roof saturday!! i am so excited! will be fun to come home to a whole new roof!

chili pepper, thanks for the tour of the car lots tonight! and the variety of vehicles we "warmed up"..it was fun! keep an eye on the roof tomorrow.....

have a great saturday everyone!!

flamingo farmacist

Anonymous said...

I am been thinking about how my opinion has hurt others ff. Had to do some thinking about things. Hope all is well with you all. Hang in there! I am sorry to Chili Pepper. Stay away from those kia cars, I hear they are repair worries--but that was on an internet posting.


Anonymous said...

Good job JacK!

Asha said...

You write very well.