Friday, June 29, 2007

No hot dogs for you

Greetings and Happy Independence Day. No hotdogs or apple pie for Jack. Jack is doing great on his wellness plan. Tom says he has picked up the pace. The final walk up the hill is hysterical, though. The neighbors think he looks like he is being tortured. I swear his face looks a little thinner. He is almost ready for 2-a-day walks. I promise---pictures this weekend....FOR SURE! And speaking of pictures, I asked a professional photographer about taking a photo of all 4 dogs. Once the shock wore off....she said she could shoot them one or two at a time and digitize it to look like they were in one photo. WOW--I never thought about that. I think I will set it up.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Vitamin K

As I mentioned earlier, after the near poisoning, the dogs are on Vitamin K

therapy. Jack is "onto" this. Now, Jack does not even chew his food under

normal circumstances. But, when I give him his vitamin wrapped in a variety

of cheeses, peanut butters, etc, he rolls it on his tongue and spits out the perfectly clean pills. I

am having a little better luck with american cheese---but OH the calories!! My friend, Chili

Pepper says that I have to pry his mouth open and throw it into his throat. Is she nuts or

what? I think I may have her demonstrate this technique. (don't worry, I will take pictures). I

still haven't had a chance to do the weigh-in (too much scootering this weekend) but according to
Flamingo Pharmacist, he doesn't look any thinner, (sigh).

Currently reading (if I can successfully download the audiobook): Middlesex

Currently listening to: My new toaster radio

Currently eating: toast, of course

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Life of Jack

Now that I have actual readers (including, but not limited to my scooter gang---more later on the crazy Northside scooter ladies) the time is probably right to explain Jack's history. Perhaps he has an eating disorder or "issues" that stem from his early life experiences. Jack wasn't always our dog, you see. Jack wanted to be our dog...but in actuality he belonged to a neighbor who worked and traveled A LOT. At the age of 6 months he found various ways of wiggling his already chubby self out of his lonely yard into ours. It seemed he liked to visit Queen Sadie our BAGEL (beagle basset mix).

You can see where this is going....within a few months our traveling neighbor gifted neglected beagle to nice, unsuspecting family. Jack enjoyed the spotlight for a while until his world was shaken by our adoption of MILO a stray/injured Bichon-Frise.

Is this where Jack's real weight issues began? Did he begin to seek attention? Was it doggy depression? Alpha Male Issues? Middle Child Syndrome? As if we have learned NOTHING from our willingness to adopt we recently found Bailey in a shelter. (now, tell me you wouldn't have brought her home....) Folks....that's how you end up with 4 dogs.

New Dog Snack: Canned Green Beans

Currently Reading: Salem Falls by Jodi Piccoult (Misha..not the dogs)

Current Project: *((&&&^+ kitchen cabinets (Misha and Tom--but the dogs help)

Current Frustration: Getting the photos I add to this page to appear where I want them.Please send solutions blogger vex me with your perfectly placed images.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

PS...Try not to poison your dogs

Drum Roll.......................Jack weighs 50 pounds. That is a LOT of beagle. Tom has been taking him on daily walks and he has a new spring in his step. His trips to the dog park usually involve him strategically keeping us within sight, but taking a shortcut to reunite with us on the descent. He has been much less food aggressive in general since he has started his daily walks. One of these days, Tom says he will be able to extend the walks and visit me at work. We had a major problem earlier in the week, however. While we were refinishing our kitchen cabinets, the dogs found a box of long forgotten MOUSEBAIT in the recesses of the cabinets. I came into the kitchen to see the box chewed up and licked clean and 4 smiling canines. 70 dollars and one vet visit later, all 4 dogs are on vitamin K therapy. I suspect Jack and his brother were the culprits but I am treating the girls as well. Nobody seems to be showing ill effects. We will be doing a repeat weigh in soon. Hopefully he dropped a pound or two already. Anyone have any ideas for dog-proofing those corner cabinet thingy's? I would like to store food in there again!

PS--I have READERS--That is so exciting. Please keep those comments coming and I will post every day!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Beginning

OK--So we are guilty of being the parents of a morbidly obese beagle named Jack. We are the owners of this dog and have full control over his food intake, right? What is wrong with this picture? Our other canines are within their appropriate weight guidelines. Before you judge us, you should know that Jack is no ordinary beagle. He is the Houdini of canines. Despite his pudgy appearance he can maneuver his way into cabinets WITH OR WITHOUT childproof locks. He knows exactly when the time is right sneak his nose up on the countertop to snag a loaf of bread after someone has made a sandwich. He even sub-contracts to the dog with the best manual dexterity to open doors to food sources that he is unable to break into. (Note from Milo---- the Bichon-Frise with amazing dexterity----Jack never shares the loot).

So--we begin this blog to chronicle the progress of Jack becoming a more slender version of himself. And as he is the "middle dog" we have named his blog: Just Jack. He is insecure and shows some symtoms of Middle Dog Syndrome. Tune in tommorrow for photos of the weigh-in.