Friday, September 7, 2007

8/1/91 - 9/6/07

Sadie Mae


Dr. Deb said...

Oh, how sad. Losing a pet is so hard!

flamingo farmacist said...

oh, misha, i am so sorry for your loss. what a special dog, very blessed to have been loved by a wonderful family. you can take comfort in knowing that you gave sadie a great life with great love. ff

Anonymous said...

Went to the dog park to day with Jack and his siblings. Jack did awesome. He did 5 laps at the dog park!!!!!! The whole time his tail was wagging. Jack your are awesome. I think maybe he did the extra lap for Sadie. Misha I am so sorry for your loss. You are a great dog owner and gave Sadie a GREAT life!!

Thanks again for inviting Oakley and I to the dog park.

chilie pepper

Hawkeye Fan Wife said...


I'm sooo sorry for your loss. Watching Sadie "grow up" was a great experience!!! I'm so proud of Jack and his weight loss. I do think you should write to Iams, what a great accomplishment~he's come a long way from attacking our chicken plates!

Hawkeye Fan Wife

Anonymous said...

I your loss. Sadie was a well loved pet. I could tell how much you all loved her. She had a better life because of all of you.
She would have been so proud of Jack! Take good care of each other,