Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Out for Lunch with Sadie

Jack is forever the middle child. Sadie takes center stage currently. She is pictured above after having polished off Wendy's chicken nuggets and fries. Sadie is 16 and as I mentioned earlier is on her last legs. However, she had a fabulous day today at the park. We found a level park with lots of trees and she was running around like a puppy. Maybe she is not ready for that last fateful trip to the vet. Or maybe we aren't ready. Ok--Look at how happy she is:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Emergency 911 part 2

You read about the dogtastrophe yesterday. Now the pictures as promised.

My shed after Gadget Boy unleashed his male-rescue-reflex (notice how the door is unnecessarily ripped off its hinges):

Here is the shed floor--he entered from the right, so I can't figure out how he ended up in the middle section:

And here is what he looked like AFTER his bath:

Poor Baby--Someone bake him some dog biscuits---he's had a rough year!

P.S. Who is up for Bloody Mary's this weekend? We may be toasting the long-awaited birth of the neighborhood CHORKIES.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Emergency 911

I got a frantic call from Gadget Boy today telling me that there had been a dogtastrophe at my house. Apparently Milo (the Bichon) and Bailey (the Spaniel) had FALLEN DOWN A SINKHOLE UNDER THE SHED and could not get out. Bailey was barking...Milo was uncharacteristically silent--we are not sure how long he had been there. Gadget boy managed to tear off the shed door and then attempted to use a circular saw IN THE POURNING RAIN to cut a hole in the shed floor and rescue the dogs. This wasn't working and they decided the situation was dire enough to call the Fire Department---(I think they have been watching too many episodes of Leave it to Beaver). Anyway, Animal Control was dispatched to the scene. Or, as Gadget Boy explained:
"They sent a $%#!*ing guy with gloves". In the end, Gadget Boy and Tom were able to save the dogs through the hole they made in the floor. It is a good thing Jack didn't follow them....He certainly would have blocked the hole. I will post pictures of the damage tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Down in the Dumps

Hey Just Jack Fans...

Sorry, but I am posting from down in the dumps.. ..Why? You ask?

Well, summer is coming to an end. That is always a bummer when you work in education. Tom's big job interview extravaganza didn't work out like we had hoped. (Although I now affectionately call him "numba two" since that is generally where he ends up when it comes to a job offer) . And probably the saddest thing is that Sadie the 16 year old Beagle/Basset is going down hill. She barks for no reason, needs to be carried up stairs, has trouble getting comfortable and is simply wasting away in her fur. I am also not sure she can see much any more. Part of me knows it is time, but another part is waiting for a sign and secretly hoping she will just go in her sleep. As if this all isn't enough, Angry-T (who is almost 13) went for his physical yesterday. He has another ear infection and suspected UTI. His doctor now suspects he has kidney stones. So...I am bummed. I even passed up on scooter therapy last night. Someone stop this tilt-a-whirl, I want off.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tacos and other Road Hazards

Thanks to the cooldown...FINALLY... I took Jack and Bailey for a walk last night. All was well (aside from some rain) until we encountered a Taco John's bag in the street. It had someone's leftover tacos and ole's. Jack ate a huge bite, bag, paper and all. (Chili Pepper--please check to see if the paper is toxic) Then Bailey got in on the fun. So I was standing there with 2 dogs who apparently enjoy a good taco enough to wiggle out of their collars and cause a traffic jam/mom panic. So I finally got home with wet, taco-hungry dogs to realize that we had WALKED THROUGH A PATCH OF NETTLES. So, I spent my evening removing nettles. Sometimes I think I should get a treadmill!

The Evita party was fun. Thanks for coming everyone....Are the songs still stuck in your head Chili Pepper? Don't ask anyyyyyyyymoooooore.

PS: Thanks Pat and Joe for being the token spanish translators.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


So--I am not entirely sure ... but I think this is progress. I found a package of ramen noodles in the back yard. It is not at all unusual to find the residue of Jack's food binges in the yard. This time, however, the bag was not open. So, that leaves 2 options. Either Jack is more "into" the theft of food than the consumption of it, OR he doesn't especially care for the new spicy chicken ramen I bought. I'd like to think he is less interested in food. Best wishes to Tom (Jack's dad) who is interviewing for a great (yet complicating) job next week! And thanks to Flamingo Farmacist for bringing home (from ALASKA) a sign for our deck. (Our elderly dog can no longer make it into the yard....if you know what I mean) We will have to hang it this weekend at our EVITA party. Any ideas for an Argentina theme??? Anyone?? We need to have something to interest Chili Pepper. She doesn't like musicals. Trust me, Antonio Banderas is worth it. Besides, I will let you go car shopping with me. This one would be a step up for me. I just can't find the &*^%#@ keyless door entry!!! Sorry Junebug--still no automatic windows.

Current project: Putting girl-with-phone's room back together