Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I am a college librarian. And don't get me wrong...I enjoy google and all of the google underlings (froogle, google images, etc). I am just a firm believer in using the right tool for the job. For most students, I encourage, implore, suggest, cajole, recommend they use the subscription article databases to which we subscribe for their papers and presentations. Yesterday, after spending 40 minutes with a group of students explaining scholarly articles, peer review, evaluation of sources and database searching techniques.....a student, and I quote, said:

"Dude......Why we can't just google dis shit"

I'll be home tomorrow to celebrate the big thaw. 40 degrees? seriously?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Back, Baby!

Hi Everyone!

I feel like this first post should be impressive or meaningful, but think BABY STEPS. So here is the deal. I have been on hiatus...but not in some kindof loyalty to the writers strike. You see, I have moved...or as I like to say...I have abandoned my family and am living across the state in my own little world. Here is the thing. I got this great job 3 hours away. As you may recall, Tom had lost his job and we were looking at a potential move. But my job in this more prosperous part of the state opened up first. I have struggled with the idea of continuing Just Jack, because I only see him on weekends. However, the scooter gang has convinced me that since I digress from Jack as the subject of the blog anyway, I should start up again.

I will fill everyone in later on the details and moving plan, but let me start by telling you a little bit about my apartment. I live in a drafty, 1920ish home that has been chopped up into apartments. It is very cute and has everything a person could want except for a garage, laundry facilities and a bathroom door. Angry-T (who is considerably angrier due to the upset of his life and the idea of moving) calls it "ghetto". Some people describe the decor as dorm room meets flea market, but I would argue that it may be a step below that. I have furnished it with items that have been discarded as unacceptable by Gadget Boy. At least I have art.

So--I am back, baby. I even see a few commenters who discovered JJ while I was away. Hopefully I can get back (most) of my fans. Some were a little scary.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Eating Disorder

Last night the boys decided to enjoy a late night snack. Earlier in the week I purchased a new tankard of fake butter. It was mysterically hijacked, opened and licked clean in the night. Girl-with-Phone may have left this tasty treat on the counter. I am torn whether my dogs or my kids need obedience training. Anyway, I think this may be a serious eating disorder. was almost even worse! They also got a huge container of Gatorade mix and opened it! Thankfully the inside tin had not yet been opened, so they didn't get any of that! I have asked my peeps for some suggestions to curb this crazy eating behavior and here is what I have so far: Please send more suggestions. Jack will never be crowned the Iams poster beagle at this rate:

Suggestion: Misha, why don't you take the dogs to the dog park every day?

Response: Good Suggestion. However since it has RAINED for 10 days in a row, the prospect of getting outside is somewhat hopeless. And of couse winter is coming...but we will try.

Suggestion: Misha, why don't you give the dogs some rawhide to keep them occupied?

Response: Marvelous Idea.....however Jack does not handle rawhide well. In fact, he ( a normally happy, easy-going dog) will fight to the death over rawhide or long lasting bones of any kind. He feels obligated to first bury his treat and then methodically steal everyone elses. One time Flamingo Farmacist saw his hiding place under the stairs and he moved the whole collection to a new spot. (sorry FF he told me not to tell you where the new location is) I thought about trying hooves (although I think they are really disgusting) to see if they might be a better treat.

Suggestion: Why can't you just get your children put away their food items?

Response: I have no idea.

Suggestion: Why can't you lock the cabinets?

Response: If they had to lock and unlock cabinets...nothing would ever be put away!

Send more suggestions and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hawkeye Pride

Jack is wearing the black and gold very proudly this week. I wanted to post last week about Jack's latest weigh-in...but it is NOT good news. I think I am going to forget the scale and measure his girth instead! Either the previous 44.5 pound weight check was OFF or he is putting on muscle. He weighs about 46 pounds right now. He has been exercising pretty regularly, looks healthier, looks thinner and acts much friskier. Hopefully he has not hit a plateau. Like the Hawkeyes....he can be the comeback beagle. PS--Jack..I DID notice the empty wheat thins box and hamburger bun bag in the back yard. TSK...TSK.
PS--Milo has lost some weight, too. He looks incredibly muscular these days. Yeah Dog Park.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Beagle Intelligence...An oxymoron?

There are several interesting publications that look at the relative intelligence of various canine breeds and I have yet to see one where the beagle ranks high. One of the most famous experiments is one where a towel is placed over the dog's head and the human uses a stopwatch to see how long it takes for the dog to remove the towel. Apparently, Poodles and Border Collies are able to take off the towel in under 3 seconds. Beagles on the other hand tend to sit there motionless for a long time. I asked Jack about this and he argues that any dummy can take a towel off his head. He, on the other hand, takes the time to enjoy the unexpected shade and take in the smell of my new dryer sheets.

Now, I do have to admit that I have questioned Jack's intelligence on occasion. It is a little known family secret that when I would take Milo to the groomer....(see before photo)

...and bring him home later...(see after photo)

Jack thought I brought home a new dog. Beaglemoron??? You be the judge.

Happy Birthday (Saturday) to Girl with Phone and Angry T. (Yes, they were born on the same day 5 years apart)

Enjoy some pictures from the dog park:

Here is Oakley and LOG (his best friend)

Jack: "Yes, I believe we HAVE met......"

Jack after the dogpark: Zzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Say Cheese

Actually, I told the photographer specifically NOT to say CHEESE. It is a word that Jack knows. We would have had to cancel the session for sure. Aren't they cute, though? need a professional photo of your dog(s). Trust me. Call and book an appointment today.

Jack has had a good week. He has had several trips to the dog park. He went to Pets on Parade where he was FEATURED in the local newspaper and he got a snazzy new bandana (and coupons) from the Iams people. He is still hoping to become their poster beagle...but he probably still needs to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, his new-found fame went to his head. He managed to steal a pack of hot dogs from the counter last night (Angry-T needs to be more careful). On another positive note...Just Jack was featured on Kevin MD's anniversary edition of notable medical blog entries AKA GRAND ROUNDS. I told him all about it and he is honored and humbled.