Monday, July 9, 2007

The Weigh-In

Good News...Jack is down from 50 pounds to a thinner 48.8 pounds. Woo-Hoo Jack.
Bad News...Jack has a double ear infection. Who knew? Actually girl-with-phone thought he was sick. Girl-with-Phone is observant...note to self...listen to GWP...she knows what she is talking about. So--as I look at the photo above I wonder. Could I buy a bathroom scale that would fit a 50 pound beagle? And more importantly, if the scooter gang makes a trip to our favorite houseware store can I fit it in my scooter trunk? Chili Pepper (who always has a solution) says we should weigh ourselves (God forbid) and then PICK JACK UP and weigh ourselves again and do the math. Surely she jokes. Hopefully Jack will get a walk in tonight when the big cool off begins.

Current project: Finish painting trim in GWPs room, get carpet installed & hide the markers and fingernail polish.

Junk Shopping update: Went junking with Flamingo Farmacist and found some cool stuff. FF is thinking about buying a TIKI bar for her driveway. I found some original art by P Buckey Moss in a dumpy flea market. 3 prints for $27.


flamingo farmacist said...

Thanks for sharing with the world about the scooter dumping!! (the dog is okay, just a little rattled).

YAY JACK for the 1.2# weight loss!!
Hang in there buddy!!

Loved junking with Misha and GWP...what fun!! I'm still thinking about the TIKI bar...what would Eustis think? HMMMMMMM....

When can we come over to listen to your toaster?? I can bring some jelly, too, along with the margaritas!!!


flamingo farmacist said...

I forgot!!! It was Bloody Mary's, wasn't it??? Either way, you got the toast and tunes and I've got the EtOH!!!

Anonymous said...

Just went on a walk with Jack. He may have lost another pound. He did really good. Hey Misha maybe next time we should just tie him to the back of the scooter then he would get his walk in and we would get our scooter ride in. Just kidding. That was for you prayer Anonymous. lol.

Chili Pepper