Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everything I ever needed to know I learned from my daughter's walls

Girl-with-phone is on her way to having a really nice room. As we painted over her teenage angst, I thought about how she is growing up and where I might hide her sharpie markers in case she regresses, only to wax poetic on her walls again. This issue of Just Jack is dedicated to girl-with-phone, who like Jack, is a middle child coming of age.

Lesson one: Know who you are.

Lesson Two: Love Stinks

Lesson Three: Take Time to Read the Classics

Lesson Four: Express your Spirituality

Lesson Five: Sometimes things just don't make sense

You are quite an individual, girl-with-phone. Don't ever change.....except for that habit of writing on your walls.

Love, MOM


Michele said...

that is WAY to cute!!!! all we see is where Katy was learning to spell her name on her walls!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sounnds like girl with phone is the only sane one in the bunch. I will hope that someday she can be saved from the lot of you and your drink laden friends.
Please don't tell me you drive those scooters after you have been drinking. Do the dogs ride along? If so, there must be some kind of device that you can attach to the scooter in case you tip over from being tipsy in the first place?

Chili Pepper and Flamingoe Pharmacist, since you have posted to this blog, you must have an idea for Misha to protect the dogs in the event that they ride on these scooters. Helmets?

I am not sure how I came across this blog. One of my friends from church emailed it to me. I guess she thought I could help. I do work part time as a SPCA volunteer where I have been given several compliments on how I work with the animals and I felt compelled to try and help you out.

Misha= you sound like a good fun loving person, but quite honestly, I would recommend that youu try to find some positive influences in your life such as friends who will pray for you in times of turmoil rather than taking you out on the street and going to tobacco infested bars.

I know how much your daughter must mean to you. Knowing that you will be ooverladen with worry about her I am adding a long email today so you aren't so concerned about checking the blog while she is recuperating...I have put her on the prayer chain a my church. You have the power of about 500 people behind you Misha.

Misha-- let me know if I have intruded too much with my opinions on this topic. Since I am learning about blogs for the first time I am not sure if it is appropriate.
God bless all of my blog friends.

I hope you can learn to spread the good news and become saved.

Anonymous said...

PS...I am not sure about he your husband or partner? Anyway, I give him kudos for at least getting the dog on it's way to healthy living. He sounds like a good influence in your life as well as a great support to Jack.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous' offspring said...

I think that the first Anonymous is a nut... Why in the world would you want positivity in your life when you can get the good old one-two punch of Tobacco and Booze? Sounds like a win-win to me! As far as the prayer chan goes, please let me know if there is any noticable divine intervention. I thought I had experienced it once but that was just a bad mushroom, the feeling passed within hours leaving me more empty than before. Maybe you should ask that the dogs receive the power to fly so that the helmets would be irrelevant in the event there is a scooter mishap.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Prayer reader,

I am not quite sure what kind of volunteer work you do, but don't quit your day job. Misha is a great dog owner. She cares enough to offer Jacks story for everyone to learn from. So maybe you should pray for yourself. Also maybe you should ask Misha where she got all of her dogs before you are so judgement and think these dogs have a rough life. Hope someday you can loosen up and enjoy life.

Misha I have no advice for you on these dogs. You are doing a great job.

Chili Pepper

flamingo farmacist said...

give me a break, oh pious anonymous one! misha and family have lovingly adopted and cared for all of their dogs from the humane socity! misha is a volunteer with several local community organizations. not that it is any of your business, but, NO, we do not take the dogs on the scooters. and NO, we do not drink (in excess) while we are riding the scooters. we save that for my driveway:) we are a bunch of neighbors that enjoy each other and our dogs and our scooters and YES our occasional drink. perhaps you should focus your prayers on the drug dealers and gangs....they certainly need your help more than we do. Get a real life!!

Misha said...

Are you sure it was a prayer chain...or was it some kind of dark ritual? All I know is that Flamingo Farmacist dumped her scooter last night (no alcohol was involved, but I think she may have had a dog in the trunk)and I blame you anonymous.