Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Looks Like You Made It

Jack made the trip (uphill) to my office today. That means he is up to a 2 mile round trip. That's real progress. Does he look any thinner? anyone? anyone?

Current dog treat: Zen : They must be good because they practically kill me to get at them. I think they are high in calories so I chop them into 4 pieces. There have been complaints about this.

Current project: Clearing college-boy's junk out of his room so girl-with-phone can move in during the priming/painting extravaganza.


OHN said...

Hi Jack..I have been busy so I haven't stopped by to check your progress...I must say, you are looking much more svelte and I bet you feel better too.

By the way, tell your mom that we have had great success giving our fur covered children medicine by sliding it quickly with our thumb over their tongues to the back of the teeth..a smear of peanut butter doesnt hurt either. (Come to think of it, I think our 2 legged kids have been medicated in a similar fashion:)

I am curious to find out how clearing out college-boys junk goes. I have one leaving in August and I can't decide when it is appropriate to take over his room for something else without giving him a complex.

Have a good 4th and no sneaking any hotdogs or burgers..focus on the waistline.

Misha said...

Thanks for the support. Jack did not steal any food yesterday. Probably because we ordered out. I know--very unpatriotic--but we were painting. Per your college boy....If he is leaving your home feel free to renovate. It is a humbling experience for the kid...plus you might find some holes in the walls you didn't know existed. Be warned: when they come home for breaks they leave stuff laying all over the place (keys,books,phone, computer, pants). It is a difficult adjustment. They are also unable to adjust to family sleep patterns. (i.e. electric guitar at 3 AM, sleeping til 3 PM if no work plans) Overall, when they come back....it seems like they are temporary. Why not use the room the way you want it. OH--box up the stuff they leave behind. They will never take the time to go through it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it would somehow cut off a dogs oxygen if you hold it's mouth and nose shut while you are giving them meds? I hope it isn't a long process or there might be a sad blog coming up.

I will pray for you and your dogs...

Misha said...

Dear anonymous praying reader. So, I guess you are my first blog heckler. What a kill-joy. We are all just trying to have fun here and support Jack. Nobody is abusing dogs--quite the contrary. Take a breath and don't worry so much. Have a margarita for us and unwind a little. Life is too short for catfights -- I am assuming you are female.