Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I went home for lunch today to find this. The english muffin container contained only crumbs and he really just ripped open one of the jolly time microwave packs. But he does look disgusted with himself just the same. So how about it Bays & Jolly Time... Would you like to sponsor this site? Or perhaps underwrite Jack's expenses if we send him to doggie fat camp?


Anonymous said...

Jack it will be alright. We all have our relapses. Its not time for fat camp yet!!!

chili pepper

flamingo farmacist said...

Don't beat yourself up Jack!! We've all been in that place. Did you lick all the flavoring (salt) off the kernels or did you actual munch a few??

HEY CHILI PEPPER!! Grease is the word......!

Scooter date on Sunday...ride on!

OHN said...

Jack, Jack, Jack! Shame on you. Tho' I do understand, sometimes you just gotta have some carbs.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I understand all of your comments and probably came on too strong. It sounds like you are just all friends and having fun with blogging and scooting.
I too had a dog tragedy, I just came home from vacation and my pet got into my pepto bismol. It not only stained my carpets, but my dog is not well due to my error. It can happen to anyone. Sorry Misha.

Misha said...

Hey anonymous prayer lady! We've missed you. Sorry about the pepto poisoning and your carpet. Keep reading and supporting your favorite beagle and his less than perfect support group.