Monday, July 23, 2007

He ain't heavy..He's my brother

Check out our fancy new tow rope....errr...leash. Milo is quite the trooper, towing poor, exhausted Jack up hills. So far, Jack has been exercising regularly despite the midwest heat wave. Today we may give him a day off because it is REALLY humid. You'll never guess what Jack did on Sunday at the dog park. HE RAN. He wanted to catch up with us after taking a little break and he RAN to us. He is the new dog park hero.


Anonymous said...

We love you, Jack! I was honored to pull up the rear of the pack with you on July 20. You're awesome and an inspiration to me!!!
Rhonda, Thunder, et al.

Misha said...

Hey Hardy Gang! Jack is doing great--we finally had a cool day and he BEAT us up to the top of the hill on the first lap! He is doing more and more running. We did have a scary incident yesterday, though! A huge doberman came after Bailey unprovoked! No harm--but still scary. Note to owners of unfriendly powerful dogs----don't take em to the dog park!

flamingo farmacist said...

Looking stealth, Jack!! Way to go!!