Monday, June 25, 2007

Vitamin K

As I mentioned earlier, after the near poisoning, the dogs are on Vitamin K

therapy. Jack is "onto" this. Now, Jack does not even chew his food under

normal circumstances. But, when I give him his vitamin wrapped in a variety

of cheeses, peanut butters, etc, he rolls it on his tongue and spits out the perfectly clean pills. I

am having a little better luck with american cheese---but OH the calories!! My friend, Chili

Pepper says that I have to pry his mouth open and throw it into his throat. Is she nuts or

what? I think I may have her demonstrate this technique. (don't worry, I will take pictures). I

still haven't had a chance to do the weigh-in (too much scootering this weekend) but according to
Flamingo Pharmacist, he doesn't look any thinner, (sigh).

Currently reading (if I can successfully download the audiobook): Middlesex

Currently listening to: My new toaster radio

Currently eating: toast, of course


Anonymous said...

It does work to put the pill on the dogs tongue and then hold the mouth shut. Worked on my dog!!


Brenda said...

misha-when can we come listen to your toaster and have breakfast?? you are TOO funny..

Jack, I promise I won't steal your rawhides. Hang in there buddy!!

Tiff (tech of said flamingo pharmacist) said...

Hey i feel for u haveing 4 dogs in our family i know it gets a little ruff. As for dog proffing the corner cabnet try to put tab locks on the top outside you can turn them sideways so u can get in and turn down so dogs can't. Hopefully they can't reach that high to turn them.

Misha said...

what are tab locks? send a link...are they the sliding on an old style public restroom? That might work if I find one that looks attractive. Otherwise I found this:

Misha said...

Flamingo Farmacist:
I'll provide the music and're in charge of the bloody mary's.

flamingo farmacist said...

hmmmm-haven't had a bloody mary for a very long time!! sounds TASTY!

hey chili pepper, maybe you could bring some breakfast burritos????

jack, heads up, mom is discussing tab locks for the cabinets with another reader, we'll discuss this with Milo for a training session...

Anonymous said...

Bloody Mary's, toast, breakfast burritos and music i'm in!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that poor Jack was exposed to rat poison. I wish I could reach out to him someone and give him a sane influence. I will pray for him and possibly even throw in a rosary to reflect my parochial school education.
God bless all of you bloggers.