Friday, June 29, 2007

No hot dogs for you

Greetings and Happy Independence Day. No hotdogs or apple pie for Jack. Jack is doing great on his wellness plan. Tom says he has picked up the pace. The final walk up the hill is hysterical, though. The neighbors think he looks like he is being tortured. I swear his face looks a little thinner. He is almost ready for 2-a-day walks. I promise---pictures this weekend....FOR SURE! And speaking of pictures, I asked a professional photographer about taking a photo of all 4 dogs. Once the shock wore off....she said she could shoot them one or two at a time and digitize it to look like they were in one photo. WOW--I never thought about that. I think I will set it up.


Anonymous said...

jack, i saw you the other day on the last leg of your walk (the slightly uphill portion to your house). buddy, i feel for you!!! it looked like tom was dragging you and your tongue was too the sidewalk! but, no pain no gain (or loss, in this case). hang in there!!!

flamingo farmacist

Anonymous said...

Well at least you are further from the rat poison if it is still out after all of the fanfare from the previous blogs. I pray you have removed it by now.