Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Beginning

OK--So we are guilty of being the parents of a morbidly obese beagle named Jack. We are the owners of this dog and have full control over his food intake, right? What is wrong with this picture? Our other canines are within their appropriate weight guidelines. Before you judge us, you should know that Jack is no ordinary beagle. He is the Houdini of canines. Despite his pudgy appearance he can maneuver his way into cabinets WITH OR WITHOUT childproof locks. He knows exactly when the time is right sneak his nose up on the countertop to snag a loaf of bread after someone has made a sandwich. He even sub-contracts to the dog with the best manual dexterity to open doors to food sources that he is unable to break into. (Note from Milo---- the Bichon-Frise with amazing dexterity----Jack never shares the loot).

So--we begin this blog to chronicle the progress of Jack becoming a more slender version of himself. And as he is the "middle dog" we have named his blog: Just Jack. He is insecure and shows some symtoms of Middle Dog Syndrome. Tune in tommorrow for photos of the weigh-in.


The Independent Urologist said...

I trained in the midwest and spent 8 months of that at Childrens Memorial, in Chicago. Is that the group you use? Also, I have a good friend in Columbus who is a pediatric urologist, if you'd like his name.
Good luck and thanks for the comment on my blog.

OHN said...

Good luck Jack. At the moment we have one dog and 2 cats. We have also had pets like you that trick us with your kind, slow appearing ways until you manage to grab food and make such a quick getaway it makes our heads spin. We wish you luck in your weight loss quest and will be eagerly following along.

Misha said...

Wow--I have readership. That is soooo motivating. Note to my neighbors who are lurking---send comments--show your support for Jack!
Independent urologist--I love your common sense site! I am in Sioux City Iowa--My choices for peds urology care were Mayo and Iowa City. I am a Hawkeye so I chose Iowa. My son is being managed really is just that he has has some bad luck and set backs along the way. He had a huge ureteral diverticulum so he had to have a removal/reimplant. He also had the bad luck of his ureter scarring (you know that thing that only happens 3% of the time). His Left function dropped very low (11%) but thanks to a nephrostomy he regained and is up around 26% now. He is not infection free, yet. I sure wish we were closer to the specialist, though. When he gets sick he gets sick FAST.
Ohn-Thanks for our support--I will keep posting if you keep reading!!

Anonymous said...

I wish good luck to Jack and being one of the neighbors lurking around I will be excited to see Jacks progress. Misha your dog overage secret is save with me!!!!!

Brenda said...

another neighbor (former next-door)
looking forward to jack's progress. i thought you only had 3 dogs??..:)

hey, have you sent any smoke signals lately???


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading Jack's progress. We have an obese puggle that the vet informed me "SHE NEEDS TO GO ON A DIET!"
So maybe you can inspire Lucky through Jack.