Monday, October 1, 2007

If Jack Taught Nutrition 101


Anonymous said...

Good ole Jack!!!! Hey good picture of Oakley at the dog park. Though I think that jack is very intelligent at the dog park. He knows how to plan out him short cuts quite well. He He Well lets scooter soon.

where if everyone at? FF where are you, faith, lurker

Spencer said...

Hi Jack, Dieting is no fun...I know, I was a "big bined boy" myself once. Hang in there and try not to eat everything! BOL!

Hawkeye fan wife said...

I think Jack is doing so well on his diet! I think he should get a special treat because . . . the Hawkeyes finally won!!! Stripes boy is ecstatic. Between the Hawks winning and Nebraska losing he can hardly contain himself! Give Jack a Hawkeye beef stick (they are at Fareway for $1). Stripes boy thinks they would go good with a beer (I wonder how he know that!). Hope the win has lightened your spirits, Misha!