Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tacos and other Road Hazards

Thanks to the cooldown...FINALLY... I took Jack and Bailey for a walk last night. All was well (aside from some rain) until we encountered a Taco John's bag in the street. It had someone's leftover tacos and ole's. Jack ate a huge bite, bag, paper and all. (Chili Pepper--please check to see if the paper is toxic) Then Bailey got in on the fun. So I was standing there with 2 dogs who apparently enjoy a good taco enough to wiggle out of their collars and cause a traffic jam/mom panic. So I finally got home with wet, taco-hungry dogs to realize that we had WALKED THROUGH A PATCH OF NETTLES. So, I spent my evening removing nettles. Sometimes I think I should get a treadmill!

The Evita party was fun. Thanks for coming everyone....Are the songs still stuck in your head Chili Pepper? Don't ask anyyyyyyyymoooooore.

PS: Thanks Pat and Joe for being the token spanish translators.


Anonymous said...

Sorry so long Misha. I have seen how lucky Jack is to have you and your friends. I continue to light candles for all of you and pray for you daily.

I think there is a Saint Evita.

Misha said...

Hey anonymous prayer lady. Good to hear from you. How's your dog doing after the pepto incident? Things are well here. Be sure to say an extra prayer for Tom. He interviews tomorrow. So..tell us about your vacation and what is going on in your life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Misha thanks for the party!!! My mind kind of went numb during the show, but I think I am waking up now!!! Thanks for getting me out of my box though. I am proud of Jack and Bailey, they have good taste. And dont worry the bags arent toxic. Keep up the good work.


beware Flamigo farmacist

Anonymous said...

My dog was pretty run down from the overdose but did well after about a week.
My vacation was wonderful, my son and I went to Hayward, WI. to an old childhood spot my parents used to take our family. Very nice.

I will pray for Tom and hope all is well with his interview. I saw that you had a map of Iowa. Is this where you are moving to or do you live there?

I will have to look up the town in Iowa that many people are from. We get many requests for the parayer chain from this place and I just can't remember the name of the town.
I will ask my pastor's wife to look it up for me tomorrow. Maybe someone in this town is friends with you or your friends. It would indeed be such a small world if all of us bloggers had friends in common.

If Flamingo Pharmacist is really a Pharmacist, does she have any ideas of what I may try to use rather than Pepto Bismol? I really miss keeping it on hand, are there pill versions fo the liquid? My carpet will never be the same.
God bless and keep all of you well my friends.

Misha said...

Chili--I knew you'd pull through. I do have the soundtrack on CD. You can borrow it if you'd like. We will be on the road tomorrow and of course you know we don't have (or have ever had) a CD player in our car.

Faith--I am so glad we now know your name. I felt bad calling you prayer lady all the time. Peace

ffamingo farmacist said...


yes, there are chewable versions of Pepto.


flamingo farmacist said...

Chili Pepper --YOU ARE EVIL!!!


i need some ice and some windsor....


flamingo farmacist said...

Tom--may thoughts and prayers are with you!! You'll be great!! Drive careful Thursday!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info on the pepto, but while I was watching my stories on tv I saw the pepto commercial and have a technical question for you since you really are a pharmacist.

How would a chewable pepto version coat the stomach like it shows on the tv commercial without being a liquid? In your professional opinion, do you think it will be just as effective as the liquid? Thanks for helping me with this. Change is very difficult for me.

Misha-- I hope your journey to Iowa was nice. Did you take your dogs along or did you let one of your friends watch them?

I am sorry to say that I forgot to ask my pastor's wife for the name of the prayer chain town in Iowa. I will have to write it down. I have much difficulties remembering everything I have to do!

Take care, my prayers are with you,