Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Emergency 911

I got a frantic call from Gadget Boy today telling me that there had been a dogtastrophe at my house. Apparently Milo (the Bichon) and Bailey (the Spaniel) had FALLEN DOWN A SINKHOLE UNDER THE SHED and could not get out. Bailey was barking...Milo was uncharacteristically silent--we are not sure how long he had been there. Gadget boy managed to tear off the shed door and then attempted to use a circular saw IN THE POURNING RAIN to cut a hole in the shed floor and rescue the dogs. This wasn't working and they decided the situation was dire enough to call the Fire Department---(I think they have been watching too many episodes of Leave it to Beaver). Anyway, Animal Control was dispatched to the scene. Or, as Gadget Boy explained:
"They sent a $%#!*ing guy with gloves". In the end, Gadget Boy and Tom were able to save the dogs through the hole they made in the floor. It is a good thing Jack didn't follow them....He certainly would have blocked the hole. I will post pictures of the damage tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good job gadget boy,and tom!!!! How are Bailey and Milo dealing with thier stressful day? Hope they are fine. Maybe Jack pushed them in so he could have tbeir food!! lol lol Just kidding. Hope turned out fine.

Chili Pepper

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh! hope the dogs are okay and gadget boy has calmed. life at your house is always exciting!

i slept on a board for 3 nights so am tired, crabby and un-focused...ask chili pepper and junebug. the rain could also have something to do with the foul mood...

glad everything turned out ok!!

flamingo farmacist

Misha said...

What? Did you dump your scooter again? Someone spill it!

Anonymous said...

Okay I will spill it. We went to Mikes to eat and Flamingo Farmicist was in her own little world. She looked like she could fall asleep anytime. Though she was awake enough to take the scenic route home. I think we saw the whole northside. Thanks for the tour ff.

chili pepper

flamingo farmacist said...

chili pepper-you are EVIL!! Misha, said called me a dawdler...
and, as for bloody mary's, you KNOW i am all in!! are we going to listen to your toaster??

hey, tomorrow night (friday) SCOOTER ANYONE?? then crash in the driveway??? call me on my cell or at work!!!

flamingo farmacist

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your troubles Misha. It is just so good that your boy was there to save the dogs.
I will pray that all will return to normal soon.
I am glad you have your friends to help you throught this.

I think the power of prayer is a wonderful thing. I am so glad that ff recognizes it. Things will get better my friends, I just know it.

You, gadget boy, girl on phone, Tom and the dogs will get through this. Thank goodness for the fire dept.

Misha---after what you have been though, you have my permission to get on your scotter w your frinds and go have one drink. You really need it. Buy the gadget boy, TOm and girl on phone and dogs a treat too. Or maybe CP and ff could make them a doggie treat.

Godd luck with everything,


Misha said...

TGIF---Thanks for your blessing Faith. We will toast you tonight after our scooter ride. You can be an honorary member of our scooter gang.