Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hawkeye Pride

Jack is wearing the black and gold very proudly this week. I wanted to post last week about Jack's latest weigh-in...but it is NOT good news. I think I am going to forget the scale and measure his girth instead! Either the previous 44.5 pound weight check was OFF or he is putting on muscle. He weighs about 46 pounds right now. He has been exercising pretty regularly, looks healthier, looks thinner and acts much friskier. Hopefully he has not hit a plateau. Like the Hawkeyes....he can be the comeback beagle. PS--Jack..I DID notice the empty wheat thins box and hamburger bun bag in the back yard. TSK...TSK.
PS--Milo has lost some weight, too. He looks incredibly muscular these days. Yeah Dog Park.


OHN said...

Oh Jack...it's ok. We all fall off the food wagon now and then. Sometimes a dog just has to have wheat thins on a bun..I understand.

Misha said...

OHN--Jack sends his love. You are entirely more understanding than his evil mother. See Oct 19 post for details.